Momentary Insanity

Momentary Insanity

Have you ever felt so remote, so out of the way from the rest of the world,  that you find yourself beginning to believe it when others say : ” You are out of your mind. The way you think just isn’t right. Why can’t you be like the rest of us?”
When we find ourselves on the spiritual pathway it’s easy to feel out of tune with the rest of the world.  At this times it’s natural that we question if  it the right way to go, or if we really think that we decided to be different for our own good. We may even consider abandoning our path to try to be “Just like everyone else”. This kind of moment will occur to all of us at certain stage in our life.

Sometimes it would seem to be easier by simply stop questioning and considering the spiritual aspects of life. However we find ourselves becoming more seduced by the need of approval from the rest of the world, or our family or partners. The theme of this often come as : “I will just go back to how my life it used to be”

What kind of disappointment awaits us in this kind of process. Fundamentally, we will aware that we are  not only can’t go back to be “not knowing”,  even attempted to stop being true to our own spiritual path which is in a painful one. What kind of dilemma we will find ourselves in?  Is it better to continue the path of enlightenment and be considered different, weird even crazy, or is it better to forget such things and try to live in the “soap opera’s” world?

Many times I’ve felt so alone, so different that I’ve been tempted to try to become something that I am not, to rejoin the so-called “normal” world, to renounce my spiritual birthright. I’ve tried a few times and each time end up being hurt in a greatly disillusioned way .

Now, I am no  longer interested in playing the games of the so-called “real world”.  In fact, what I’ve noticed frequently that the rules of the real world seem to be a long way from the sane and consensual existence that I had envisioned.

What I found to enter that world, that  I had to follow the rules of the “Soap Opera Drama”, which was seemed to go along with these lines:

  • I work in a job that I don’t like. 
  • I stay in a relationship even though both parties are being harmed. 
  • I try to be someone that I am not, just for the approval of others. 
  • I spend long periods of time away from those I love so that I can afford small amounts of time with them. 

Now that’s an absolute  insanity. I must pretend to be multiple people each day – adult, child, critic, parent, helpless victim, or google, the one who knows it all.

What a gloomy picture; and this is what known as sanity and I call it as insanity!

Why I live by the rules that I don’t agree with, set by those who I don’t always admire, or seek a way to protect myself from others before they harm me?

Why live in fear of not being good enough, or not loved enough, or left alone?

I’ve worked with thousands of women from different social and education background for 7 years of my ministry or so and I’m yet to find everybody different from one another. I notice that is in our natural state that we are all calm, kind and spiritual beings: we love, we act with compassion, and we add value to all beings around us. The problem is attempting to match that lifestyle with the out-of-balance rules demanded by us of the “body meat in the mundane world”. It is often seems to be an impossibility.

The inevitable outcome of such imbalance and pressure is entering the state of “momentary insanity” that is a period of time where we forget and no longer act in accordance with our true self. This period of momentary insanity is when we forget the love itself that is us, and we act in hatred or anger; when we forget that harming others is harming ourselves, and try to hurt others before or after they hurt us. Momentary insanity occurs when we act discordantly against our true spiritual nature.

When you find someone you love attacking you with anger, recognize that they are in a fit of “temporary insanity”. It is not who they truly are; it’s a result of the pressures and imbalances of trying to be someone they are not, or as a result of the fear of not being good enough that you are being confronted with. What you are seeing is their fear and anger of whatever frightens them the most.

Stay calmly with the person in their anger , fear and lack. Help them to see that you will not reject them or leave them or hate them or whatever the deepest fear  that they hold in to. Allow them the right to speak their fears and angers without feeling the need to take it on you. Through this act of spiritual love, you can assist those you love to vent their emotions, to clear, and to understand that they need not fear you.

By considering better ways of living together we can ride the storms and upheavals of change, and through learning our life lessons ,we may well be able to assist others not to suffer in the way we may have in the past.

After all, happiness and fulfillment is a normal state of being! We can enter the space of calm and equanimity simply by acting in congruence with our spirit